Booking engine
Direct bookings on your website

It has been proven that having a web presence that goes beyond OTAs helps to get more direct bookings.

If you already have a distribution strategy designed to reduce your dependence on OTAs or you are thinking about it, Ciaobooking offers you a fully customizable booking engine, that gives you the chance to accept direct reservations and payments from your existing website. No coding required, just plug-and-play.

Direct connection to the main metasearch engines on the market

An increasing number of potential guests are searching for accommodation for their next holidays using price comparison systems to find the best offer available.

Ciaobooking offers direct connections to the main market metasearch engines, reducing dramatically the intermediation that would be otherwise carried out by OTAs. This feature combined with the Ciaobooking's booking engine, allows you to develop new independent distribution strategies with higher impact, lower budgets, and more visibility for your own brand.

Channel Manager
Connect with over 120 international channels

Although most of the online distribution takes place on the most important sales channels, it's important to count on specialized sales channels that can diversify sales and effortlessly increase the amount of higher-value bookings.

Ciaobooking offers a first-class channel management solution with a stable and reliable 2-way API-XML with over 120 international sales channels from all over the world allowing you to develop a wider distribution strategy that goes beyond the usual OTAs.

Systems to create product networks and tourist portals

Recent history has taught us that working alone often means facing alone problems deriving from the management and the related distribution costs.

The Ciaobooking team has worked to develop a platform that allows you to work in a completely different way: create networks with the aim of simplifying the management of your units, reducing redundancies, reducing operationla costs, increasing the number of direct bookings while promoting the territory.

Every single Ciaobooking user becomes the link in a chain that unites various operators who want to work together, exchange products and create tourist portals that allow them to promote their way of hosting independently, receiving direct bookings at a fraction of the cost of those coming from the classic intermediated channels.

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