Automated messages
Automated recurring messaging

One of the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks is, without doubt, sending recurring messages.

Ciaobooking includes an intelligent messaging system that allows you to customize and automate the sending of emails to your guests based on predetermined events, saving you time and resources.

Creation of email templates
Schedule emails
Sending management based on parameters
Team management
Manage your team efficiently

Ciaobooking's PMS offers you tools to efficiently manage your team members, giving you the full control over their type of access, limiting the information they can access and their responsibilities, reducing issues and undesired data loss.

Multi level management
Multi-unit and multi-company

In the Hospitality industry, there are unlimited business models and different types of approach towards the customer and towards the business.

For this reason, Ciaobooking offers a multi-company and multi-unit system to support the needs of every customer with an extremely flexible platform.

Rate Calendar

Manage the rates of all your units clearly and intuitively from a unified calendar

Reservations calendar

View all your booking on a unified calendar regardless of the sales channel and easily access to their information

Check-in planner

Organize your team's daily and weekly tasks from an intuitive calendar

A calendar to efficiently manage rates and reservations

Ciaobooking offers a complete system of calendars to check the most important aspects of your hospitality business: rates, bookings, and check-ins/outs.

Payments made simple
Clear and transparent payment management

Manage one of the most essential elements of your business in an efficient and transparent way with Ciaobooking's PMS: the platform includes a multi-channel payment system to accept payments in a flexible way, a system to manage the payments of all your reservations and a virtual POS to be able to process credit/debit card payments and receive direct payments on your website.

Payment management
Multichannel payments
Virtual POS
Simple and integrated maintenance management

All operators who manage a certain number of units often face problems arising from the maintenance of their accommodation, especially those who are busy when an urgent repair is needed.

Ciaobooking offers a CMMS, a "Maintenance Management System", a system integrated with the PMS that allows you to manage the maintenance of all the elements of the units managed, assign the "tasks" to trusted professionals and follow them keeping track of the time needed and the costs involved.