Advanced statistics
Check the health of your business at all times

Thanks to Ciaobooking's data analysis tools, you can view the most relevant data of your business in a structured way, giving you the chance to make strategic decisions for the growth of your business with your head and not with your heart.

Business performance
OTA's Sales statistics
Sales report
Analysis of overnight stays and average price
Owner monthly sales report
Multi account management
Multi-unit management without surprises

The challenge of each Manager is to generate maximum profit out of each unit available, knowing how to identify at all times when the profitability of one or more units is not ideal and knowing how to identify the possible reasons.

Ciaobooking offers analysis tools that allow you to monitor costs and to constantly monitor the management of all units.

Electronic invoicing

Automatically manage all the billing generated by your accommodation

Turist TAX report

Generate a detailed report of the Tourist Tax collected in each unit to simplify the monthly settlement 

Cost management

Keep track of each and every single cost and provide a detailed report to your business partners/stakeholders

Accounting at your fingertips

With Ciaobooking, keeping control of all economic aspects of your business has never been easier: the platform includes essential tools to check the cash flow, control expenses, do budgeting, and manage invoices and bills.

Keep track of all YOUR customers

Nowadays, having a solid database allows you to run more precise marketing campaigns and make strategic decisions more easily.

Ciabooking offers the latest generation CRM that will allow you to have full control on the basis of your customers.