Strategic revenue management
Put the autopilot at your Revenue Management

More and more professionals in the hospitality industry are aware that a good Revenue Management strategy is key to obtaining the maximum profit from each unit available. Ciaobooking offers you the revenue-management-as-a-service: we can take care of your presence on each of your sales channels, giving you the chance to take care of what matters most: your guests.

Our team of specialists, with over 15 years of experience will take care of everything, professionally managing the rates in all of your favorite sales channels.

Revenue intelligence
Essential tools to manage your rates like a PRO

A good Revenue Strategy can really make a difference, for this reason, Ciaobooking's  PMS offers a tool that offers you full control over you rates, establishing the best price for each of your sales channels at any time, based on precise business rules that you can establish for groups of properties or for individual units.