Simplification from A to Z of all bureaucratic procedures

Nowadays, every accommodation has regulatory and tax obligations to be met with every booking, which require the sending of documentation to the Public Administration and the police force.

The Ciaobooking platform allows you to fully automate the management of all mandatory paperwork, managing the entire process of generating and sending the documentation to the competent administration.

Channel manager
360º distribution with a look beyond intermediation

Online distribution is the corner-stone of the strategy of every wise hospitality business. Ciaobooking provides a first-class channel management solution with API-XML 2 way connectivity with over 120 international sales channels.

It is increasingly important to develop distribution strategies that reduce dependence on sales channels with high commissions, for this reason, Ciaobooking offers a fully customizable booking engine and direct connectivity with Google and other main metasearch engines.

Smart planner
Latest generation PMS

The core of Ciaobooking's solution is a new generation PMS, developed starting from the experience accumulated in over a decade of property management.

The platform offers a wide variety of simple tools to manage every single aspect of a hospitality business, from managing rates, reservations, and payments to organize the daily tasks of your team.

Revenue intelligence
Always the right rate at the right time

In a constantly changing market, having the right rate is crucial to stand the competition.

CiaoBooking offers you a suite of tools designed in collaboration with the top Revenue Management professionals in Europe, to help you optimize your rate strategy in each of your sales channels to obtain the maximum profits from each unit available.

Smart admin
Simply manage your business

The daily work of Manager includes a lot of repetitive actions to fulfill regulatory obligations and to keep up-to-date information relevant to the proper functioning of the business.

Ciaobooking offers a set of tools specially designed to simplify the management of key strategic areas of every type of accommodation, from studio to a hotel, and analyze its profitability in real-time.